Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Summer Breeze CG - Iron Mountain, MI

RV Parking Place #90

Crossing the Michigan Upper Peninsular on US-2 in the late spring/early summer time is an experience you will well remember. The campgrounds are family oriented with friendly, helpful staff members. The countryside is lush in fresh growth and wild animals are everywhere.

On this trip from east to west we were just meandering from campground to campground only calling ahead each stopping day to ask for a place to stay. Some travel days were a little longer than others but we always ended-up finding a place to park for a day or two before moving on again, and that’s how we found the Summer Breeze CG.

Our site was a FHU on a large grassy site. The section we parked in was a haphazard arrangement but easy to use once we found it. We were there on midweek days so it was quiet and restful. We were making so many stops during our travel days we were only averaging about 200 miles a day. By the time we got to Salt Lake City and turned south it was almost late fall and we even ran into some sleet in Rawlings, WY.

Iola RV Park, Iola, KS

RV Parking place #89

Once upon a time while crossing Kansas on US-54 with no particular place to spend the night we spotted a billboard on the outskirts of Iola advertising the RV park. It turned out to be a rather new and modern, smallish, RV park/storage facility. The owner/manager was a young fellow with a goal of 1st class service for all customers on the top of his list.

We spent two nights there. Had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant recommended by the RV park manager. The next day we visited the Veterans Memorial Wall and took a Trolly ride around town.

Stop by and spend a night if you’re passing through. You might extend a day to take in the atmosphere.

Here are pictures of our parking site.

Countryside RV Resort - Lebanon, TN

We have stayed at Countryside a couple of times in the past but only for a night or two. It’s an easy off and back on I40 when crossing TN and a quiet place to stay. We have not been there since it changed hands into the KOA family of campgrounds.

Although in a hilly section its sites were easy to park in and the family service and atmosphere was above average. In other words, a nice place to stay and feel safe.

You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them and the link is active.

Here are some pictures of our parking site.



Foster Creek RV Park and Villas - Goose Creek, SC

RV Parking #87

This US Navy facility is off base. Here is the Authorized Users List: Active, National Guard, Reservists, Retired, 100% DAV. DOD Civilians.

I’ve been a member of the link above for about 12 years. There are pictures of our rig and our friends Montana in the link. Whenever we stay at a military facility I write a review and post it with pictures and the site owner posts some of the pictures on his site.

Foster Creek RV Park used to be a trailer park. Its updated facilities are very user friendly for RVs. The sites are large and easy to park in.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Barnyard RV Park - Lexington, SC


All of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them. The internet links are active.

This is a RV park that we often use. Especially if we are in the area with our fiver on the weekends. 

There are two distinct sections in this park. One is for long term or seasonal patrons and the other is for shorter periods. Everything is FHU with many sites large enough for the largest Motor Homes and whatever they are hauling.

The adjacent Flea Market is their main drawing point. There is another Flea Market about a half mile down the road in an old drive-in movie theatre. It is about three quarters open air with less regular venders than the one at Barnyard.

Don’t miss the Flight Deck Restaurant in downtown Lexington. Aviation buffs will love the motif.

The pictures below were taken at different times of the year to show that the foliage does change significantly with the seasons in central SC. 

In one picture there are two brownish Motor Homes parked side-by-side. They were nearly identical as were the brothers driving them. 

Another picture is an example of the size of the larger sites. The red roofs in the picture’s background are part of the flea market.

Another picture shows some young men trying-out their purchases from some flea market vendor.   

RV Parking #86

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Myrtle Beach State Park - Myrtle Beach, SC

We originally expected to stay two weeks but dallied too long before actually calling for reservations and in the end could only get a W&E site. We had a ditch out behind our trailer so I dumped the gray water in it every night but still had to use the blue boy (30 gal) one time to dump black water because of all the visitors we had.

The facilities at the fishing pier and CG store provide just about anything one needs to stay there without having to leave the grounds. You’d have to be extremely unlucky not to catch some fish when using the pier. We were after trout and drum and ate a lot of fish that week.

Our trailer is 38’ but we had no problems transiting the park roads to get to our site or when maneuvering to get parked. The site was pretty flat and the trailer was easy to get level. (Deep Woods Off recommended). We had a very short walk to a bathroom with warm water showers. That was a life safer because of all the visitors we had.

RV Parking Places #85


Roosevelt State Park - Morton, MS

All paved roads into this SP and a lot of paved parking sites to pick from. Kind of out in the boonies but a nice place for a couple of days of quiet camping. And our 35’ & 38’ fivers with trucks attached fit nicely into the sites assigned to us. From our site I could walk down the hill behind our trailer to the lake. Got some nice pan fish but nothing larger.

Our sites were FHU but getting a dish signal wasn’t possible and we have over 200’ of cable. We did get good reception from our bat antennas that got all the major channels.

RV Parking Places #84  
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